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REALIVE therefore stands as the only professional solution,

for various creative and productive needs, without any limit.

Realive allows you to produce musical events with artists connected all over the world.




REALIVE is perfect for the fashion industry Innovative fashion shows can be organized.

It opens the doors to a global audience.

Every person in the audience has the ability to view product details, try the fit and can automatically buy them

during the fashion show.


becomes useful for sellers worldwide.

Automatically diversifying the show, depending on the different territorial needs.



In the world of educationals, REALIFE is innovative and essential.

Through VR Vision technology It allows students an exstraordinary educational path.

The experience with REALIFE

is engaging and immersive.

REALIVE allows you to relive
historical moments and participate
in immersive art programs.



In entertainment,

you can develop ideas of Film and Fiction,

with actors who can interact live

all over the world.


You can produce live TV series, in extraordinary locations.

Realive offers the possibility to relive the history of the world  in an innovative way.

Realive is a fundamental element, for revisiting religious-inspired stories, creating an interactive environment, and penetrating communication to the audience.



Meetings and conventions can be created and produced with the participation of companies from different industrial sectors and the direct participation of world leaders.


REALIVE is the solution for international events

such as the night of the Oscars.

Giving producers the opportunity,

to recreate classic formats,

such as RED CARPET.

The press conference,

with journalists and Stars.

The PREMIERE calendar,

and the PROJECTION rooms of each film,

and of course the final prize giving phase.



draft 04_2020
conceived and written by Gaetano Morbioli technical advice by Stefano Piermatteo



Realive deploys a VPN within which the remote AV recording units are connected to the control room.

The VPN is deployed as a Hamachi network to ease sysadmin needs in international multi-crews situations and ensure security

all over the network to comply with management needs.

Each remote unit is controlled from remote through unattended Splashtop instances.

Video streams are exchanged as NDI streams and controlled on SIENNA NDI Cloud setup.

Audio sources are controlled with Globcon,

DirectOut and third-party Globcon-compliant hardware.

Internal service audio communications are managed by running a private Mumble chat service.

Virtual environment is generated by an Unreal application controlled by a USB control surface.

The Unreal application displays the remote recording units video streams as chroma-keyed video textures.

The NDI Tricaster generates the AV program signal from multiple sources (Unreal feed, clips, stills) and sends it to the remote distribution gateway.

The NDI Tricaster generates the video-only service signal from multiple sources

(Unreal feed, remote recording units feeds) and sends it to the remote recording units monitors.

The remote distribution server is deployed as a gateway running a NDI source to allow third party broadcasters to distribute it over their network and mobile apps to display the program feed.

The mobile app allows users to interact with public chat and upload their own selfie video stream.




The remote units are shipped to desired locations (i.e. artist’s home):

each of those allows professionals to set up a compact green screen recording booth.

By connecting the remote unit to the landline the remote operator will assist during the whole recording session.

Each unit is made of:

Green screen structure

LED lighting devices with tripods

Fly case with rack mount devices, main CPU and backup CPU

NDI remote controlled PTZ camera

Audio recording device with XLR MIC and LINE-IN 3.5” jack inputs

Wireless in-ear monitor

Omni-directional microphone and speakers for service communications

50” TV to display the video-only service signal


The recording unit enables the following services:

SIENNA NDI Cloud node service

The PTZ camera acts as a NDI source available to the remote control room.

A NDI Connect instance displays the video-only service signal on the 50” TV displays.

Each NDI stream is expected to have 8-16Mbps data rate.

DirectOut or third-party Globcon-compliant hardware.

The audio recording device sends local microphone + instrument audio streams to the remote control deck.

The audio recording device receives the in-ear monitor signal from the remote control deck.

Each audio stream is expected to have ~1.5Mbps data rate on a 48khz 16bit 2ch RAVENNA setup.

Splashtop unattended access service Enables remote access from the control room.

The remote desktop connection is expected to have a 0.3-0.8Mbps data rate.

Mumble chat for internal service audio communication.

The chat audio stream is expected to have a 0.1-0.5Mbps data rate.




Is connected to the remote recording units over the VPN to allow the following operations:

Program AV signal compositing and distribution.

Service video-only stream management.

Remote recording units remote-desktop connections.

Production management internal audio chat.

The control room is connected to the remote

The control room is equipped with the following devices:

Unreal compositing main and backup CPUs + control surface and preview monitors

NDI Tricaster unit + control surface and preview monitors,  service main and backup CPUs

Globcon operators CPUs

Splashtop operators CPUs

Mobile app manager CPU

Remote recording units video streams preview screens

Internal service audio communication devices

Gigabit LAN





The Unreal compositing CPU is operated by the main room operator through a dedicated control surface and is backed up to allow a fail-safe structure.

It runs a SIENNA NDI Cloud node service license which allows the embedded NDI SDK.

Plugin to:

Receive the remote recording units NDI streams, apply chroma-key and displays those within the real-time virtual environment.

Receive the mobile app users NDI streams from the local mobile apps manager , displays those within the real-time virtual environment.

Output a real time video stream as NDI source to the NDI Tricaster

The Unreal virtual cameras are previewed on attached monitors and chosen/controlled by means of custom USB control surface.

That control surface allows:

Virtual cameras control.

Custom dynamics and physics effects.

Motion effects.





The NDI Tricaster unit is operated by the main room operator and streams two AV outputs:

4kUHD program AV to remote distribution server

HD service video-only stream management to remote recording units (a grid made of Unreal + remote recording units streams)

The NDI Tricaster unit runs a SIENNA NDI Cloud node service to control remote PTZ NDI cameras.

The NDI Tricaster unit sources external input (clips, stills) as usual. The NDI Tricaster unit enables mobile chat overlay stream.




Operated by the user community operator, enables the folowing services:

select and control the users NDI mobile apps video feed to be sent to the Unreal unit

open/close and moderate public chat

compose a stream of selected messages and send it the NDI Tricaster unit.





The control room should be served by two landline connections in order to ensure distribution continuity.

The control room acts as a SIENNA NDI CLOUD GROUP.

sends a 4kUHD program stream + a HD service signal stream

overall data rate TBD 40-80Mpbs

receives 10 remote recording units video streams

each NDI stream is expected to have 8-16Mbps data rate overall data rate 80-160Mbps

receives 10 remote recording units audio streams

each audio stream is expected to have ~1.5Mbps data rate on a 48khz 16bit 2ch RAVENNA setup

overall data rate ~15Mbps

receives 10 remote desktop connection

each remote desktop connection is expected to have a 0.3-0.8Mbps data rate overall data rate 3-8Mbps

the internal service chat audio stream is expected to have a 0.1-0.5Mbps data rate.

The bandwidth should therefore allow at least 100Mbps upload + 200Mbps download on both landline connections.


You will experience

New emotionS

In a different world




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